Samuel Rhyner

is a Swiss circus artist driven by an unwavering desire to excel in every aspect of his performances and a profound curiosity for movement. Alongside his expertise in acrodance and acrodance partnering, he has embarked on a continuous journey of learning, expanding his repertoire to include piano, trumpet, electronic music composition, and Cyr Wheel.

Since the beginning of his artistic journey, he has been a driving force, immersing himself in captivating projects that consistently push the boundaries of his artistic expression and ignite the imagination.

 Let’s delve into the story of his artistic endeavors, filled with captivating shows, partnerships, and a path paved with dedicated efforts and creativity.

During his school years, alongside his official curriculum, he ventured into exciting projects that ignited his passion. From joining La Cie Sea (circus company) for the delightful show “Un grain” to collaborating with visual artist Erwan Demenga on the intriguing “La mythe”,  he explored various artistic realms. He also danced his way through the choreographed quartet “(In)Sane” by Sarah Prescimone and joined partnering collectives like “Simio Kollektiv” and the ongoing touring duet “On point”, choreographed by Piet van Dycke. He finally graduated with the solo act “Silent scream.”

Beyond his academic years, he co-founded Les Payenkes Utopistes with Saphia Loizeau, bringing forth shows like the engaging partnering street performance “Bonne Question!” (2018), the harmonious and musical indoors performance  “O-zero” (2019), and the touching partnering and musical hybrid performance “Hug” (2020-2022). He continued to expand his artistic horizons by joining Compagnie Hors Surface for the acrodance and trampoline performance “Entre deux mondes.” Additionally, he composed the soundtrack for Laurie-Anne Jaubert’s art exhibition “Lumitériales” and became part of the minimalist show “Rocking,” under the guidance of director Paul Van de Waterlaat. Last but not least, he joined the award-winning ongoing touring production “Exit,” from the circus-dance company Circumstances, directed by Piet van Dycke.

Now, this multi-talented artist embarks on an exciting solo path with his latest creation, “La vieille souche” (“The Old Stump”).

Through his journey as a co-creator, performer, composer, acrobat, acrodancer, and interpreter, he continues to captivate audiences with his unique artistry and imaginative performances.