Through my creations, I am expressing my questionings about the absurdity of life. I still believe I have a role to play in this world, and where else than in art could it be ?

My quest for spirituality is reflected in all of my art pieces in one way or another. Free and available with my body and my mind, I try to honor this gift by creating and sharing my art with you.

Les payenkes

Is a circus company co-created by Samuel Rhyner and Saphia Loizeau and currently touring with the show « Bonne Question ! ».


In psychology, dissociative identity is a mental disorder characterized by « the presence of two or more distinct personality states ».


Join Samuel, lost astronaut on earth, in his weird universe


Is a collaboration between Samuel Rhyner and Julian Vogel, based on movement and experimental drums.

la mythe

Is a collaboration between Samuel Rhyner and a visual artist : Erwan Demenga.


Is an acrodance solo in which I interrogate the relation to space and light.

My passion for music was obvious since a very young age, as I learned to play trumpet and joined the local fanfare. Later on, I taught myself piano and began electronic music composition.

I composed the music for some of my projects, especially for Les Payenkes Utopistes, We are me and We are me 2 and I also composed a few tracks for myself, simply to express my present emotions.

The sound design experiment officially started in 2022, when I got asked to create the soundscape for the art installation Lumitériales by Laurie-Anne Jaubert. 

Travelling the world with my circus projects, I started doing field recordings, to share with you some of the sounds of my ever-changing surroundings.


Cofounder of Les Payenkes Utopistes, graduated student of the Academy for Circus and Performance Art (in Tilburg, Netherlands), Samuel Rhyner was born in 1995 in Switzerland. After a quiet childhood during which he cultivated his curiosity and a growing interest in philosophical issues, came the adolescence.

Supported by the friends he made in the youth circus school ArtSceniK, he went through the divorce of his parents and all sorts of common teen problems. After high school, the quest for answers was far from finished, but the moment to make a decision came. What to be, what to become and therefore, what to study ?
 His love for circus had already started a few years before, but his desire to understand and his interest for physics led him to study in the EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne). During his first year, he realized that physics would only reply to the question « how ? » and not to the question « why ? ». He decided to stop his physic studies and joined the Academy for Circus and Performance Art in 2016.

Interested in movement in general, but thirsty for knowledge, Samuel decided to learn Piano, electronic music composition and Cyr Wheel besides his main discipline : Acrodance.

As if this was not enough, he decided to join a few projects, including La Cie Sea (circus company) with the show « Un grain », La mythe (a collaboration between him and a visual artist : Erwan Demenga), (In)Sane (a dance quartet choreographed by Sarah Prescimone) and a duet with Cal Courtney choreographed by Piet van Dycke.

He also co-created the company Les Payenkes Utopistes with Saphia Loizeau and toured with the show « Bonne Question ! »


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