Les Payenkes Utopistes (LPU)

Named after the payenke (paille-en-queue), a tropic bird with a significantly long tail, the circus company Les Payenkes Utopistes was founded by Samuel Rhyner and Saphia Loizeau in 2018.

Saphia Loizeau is a professional circus artist, alumni from ACaPA. Specialized in swinging trapeze, with a past of ten years in gymnastics. She is mainly touring her trapeze act in the Netherlands (Winter circus Arlette Hanson and in “Ashtonia” from the Ashton Brothers).

They met in the corridors of the academy, and directly realized that their way of working were similar and started training and creating together. They both like to do partnering, dance contact and acrobatics.


In January 2018, they started the creation of «Bonne question ! ». 

Their way of working is mainly based on the movement, the body and the complicity/ communication between them.

End of July 2018, they went for a residency in Switzerland, in the studio of the school « Let’s dance », before to start their summer tour in Collombey-Muraz (CH), La Rochelle (FR), île de Ré (FR), Festival d’Aurillac (FR) and finally Tours (FR).

They went for a three-days residency in De Grote Post (Be) to work with Ruben Mardulier as an external eye and choreographer. 

They then performed in Festival Circolo (NL) and in the Nieuwe Vorst at the prejavu in 2019.
After two residency weeks in the Nieuwe Vorst, with Piet Van Dycke and Judith Clijsters, they now are finishing the creation of a longer version of the show, meant to be performed in theaters, tents or festivals. 

« Bonne Question ! »

Is a 45 minutes interdisciplinary show that blends acro-dance, Cyr wheel, electronic music and live piano.

Through the show, you will meet two performers, both dressed with long white pants, performing an absurd ritual, movement oriented. Though the two performers are circus-educated, the show is a balance between dance and circus, which are unified by the music. 

The music was composed by Samuel Rhyner with the wise advices from Saphia Loizeau. The piano part of the show is performed by them two, together on the same piano.

In « Bonne Question ! », movement is the main focus. They tried to create a genderless show, where the relationship between the two performers is a mix of complicity and trust. 

Both of them, despite their obvious physical differences, execute intense and physically demanding choreographies : lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying the other, jumping, spinning, sweating, … and all of this in an absurd and poetic atmosphere.


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