We are immersed in sounds and images, yet we don't take the time to listen or look. I decided to take this time. 

Le Domaine du Dragon

In February 2022, after having crossed all of France, we set camp in the Domaine du dragon.

Surrounded by beautiful landscapes and beautiful people, I went for a long walk on a day off and I managed to catch some of the magical atmosphere of this place, before the pre-premiere of Entre deux Mondes.

But nature sounds are not the main sounds surrounding the circus artist’s everyday life. Train sounds. Hours and hours of train sounds. Here I managed to catch the loud and powerful entrance of a train in a station in France. Yes, it is slightly edited. 

The Domaine was however the best place to record water sounds, as there was a small brook next door, a water leak in the ceiling, a dripping water boiler, hissing toilets and a gurgling roommate. Here are a few extracts.


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